Union United stands with local businesses and local jobs.

Union United stands with local businesses and local jobs.

Union United is a coalition of stakeholders, including small business owners, residents, immigrant groups, religious congregations, labor unions, and community-based organizations, working to ensure that the Union Square redevelopment process results in tangible benefits — not displacement — for the Union Square community.


We are working together to create a community benefits agreement that we hope to sign with the City and the master developer that will help keep Union Square a diverse, sustainable, and equitable community.


Community benefits agreements, or CBAs, are legally enforceable contracts that have been used across the country to ensure that developments include community amenities like affordable housing, local hiring, and support for small businesses. CBAs are an exciting way to bring the community, the City, and developers to the table, and creating a CBA in Union Square will make Somerville a leader in equitable development that benefits all stakeholders.


Union United is committed to equitable outcomes in Union Square, including affordable housing, community space and resources, local jobs and workers’ rights, open and green space, public safety, support for small and local businesses, and transparent and participatory planning processes.


We are working to create a community benefits agreement that will help to achieve these outcomes, and we believe that with your support and the support of the Somerville Redevelopment Authority and Civic Advisory Committee, we can ensure that all stakeholders benefit from the Union Square redevelopment.

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